Migrate Data Workloads

Modern Analytics platforms like Spark, Presto allow better resource utilization and flexible architecture. Embrace modern, cloud native architecture for data driven business.

Business Case

Traditional Data Analytics and Warehouse Platforms were built for a different era altogether. They need special hardware and dedicated teams for normal operations, while the license and support costs remain astronomically high.

Modern, cloud native, open source analytics systems are

  • Flexible, can be deployed on infrastructure of your choice
  • Scalable to extremely high capacity
  • High performance
  • Simpler to run in production, with fewer FTE

Business leaders today recognize the value that modern, open source Analytics platforms bring to the table. This has started a pattern of migration to Apache Kafka, Presto, Apache Druid, Apache Drill among others.


Challenges like System Availability, Data Gravity, Legacy deployments that no one understands very well, defer and even block migration efforts. With our extensive experience in the analytics space, we design a careful approach, tailored to your specific challenges. This helps mitigate the risks and move forward.


Wholistic picture of your unique situation helps us understand problems specific to your team. We leverage the building blocks of cloud native technology, and build the solution in tranches to propel your business forward smoothly.


We stand by our solutions and ensure unwavering support as your team reaps the benefits of the cloud native movement. We want to you to move forward to the next level of your business goals, as we ensure continued availability and performance of your analytics systems.

Our Expertise

Developer.sh team brings core expertise in architecture, design, and development of efficient Data analytics platforms using modern cloud-native tools and programming patterns. We strive to build systems that are tailored to your requirements and needs, while ensuring it can scale as the company grows.

Tools & Tech
Apache Kafka, Presto, Apache Druid, Apache Drill
AWS, Azure, GCP, Private Cloud, Kubernetes