About us

Developer.sh was launched with a mission to demystify the cloud native software world.

We strive to produce original content introducing & examining modern tools and techniques and industry’s design decisions. We strive to highlight to our readers what really matters, providing a toolkit to understand the fundamentals, to help navigate the space and bring you useful signals, filtering all the noise.

The Team

We are a group of open source enthusiasts, cloud native software architects and developers on a mission to bring cloud native mindset to the mainstream.


We offer consulting services to help teams get started on their Cloud Native journey. Our Services include:

  • Cloud Native application development.
  • Architectural review.
  • Training on Cloud Native platforms and tools.

Please do reach out at consulting@developer.sh for any consulting requirements.

Simple, readable site design

We want our readers to feel comfortable and focus on the content, nothing else. So, we kept the website design minimal, geared towards distraction free reading. The site is built with Gatsby, based on the Lumen theme.

Contributing posts to the site

We happily accept article contributions to Developer.sh. It is however recommended to reach out to the editorial team at hi@developer.sh with your article idea to see if it is a good fit, first.